An Illustrated 4 Noble Truths

Why make it difficult?

This nice little cartoon that encaspulates the 4 Noble Truths came my way via Buddhabadges.  Go visit them if you have a chance and recommend some new punk pins for them to create and check out some of the charities that they are supporting. 

On the same note, DharmaDots is a cute little buddhist blog aggregator from the same people that brought you BuddhaBadges.  It was created to highlight the latest from many of us fancy Buddhist bloggers by showcasing our “ever-growing wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and experience that is the Dharma.”  Ha!   I hardly consider myself a wealth of anything (I’m on the list too) but I appreciate that they are looking our for us by creating a place for “the busy Buddhist a humble place to sit, sip tea, and read up on the last minute evolutions and revelations of the global Buddhist community at large.”  Maybe they will eventually include Kyle at the Reformed Buddhist in a special R-rated feed!

Another equally nice aggregator is the Community Zen Sangha with a great list of Zen bloggers and is offered by Al of fame, as a “service to the Zen community to help bring the online sangha more closely together.” 

Let me know if there are any others.




6 thoughts on “An Illustrated 4 Noble Truths

  1. “Trouble with you is you don’t do plenty night zazen especially when it’s cold out, that’s best, besides you should get married and have halfbreed babies, manuscripts, homespun blankets and mother’s milk on your happy ragged mat floor like this one. Get yourself a hut house not too far from town, live cheap, go ball in the bars once in awhile, write and rumble in the hills and learn how to saw boards and talk to grandmas you damn fool, carry loads of wood for them, clap your hands at shrines, get supernatural favors, take flower-arrangement lessons and grow chrysanthemums by the door, and get married for krissakes, get a friendly smart sensitive human-being gal who don’t give a shit for martinis every night and all that dumb white shit in the kitchen.”
    ~Jack Kerouac, THE DHARMA BUMS

    • You know Jack, for all his talk, gave such a negative view of standard practice compared to his pal Gary Snyder. So while Gary spent some time in a monastic setting and got a flavor for intense practice, Jack just played with the edges.

      Although I still love The Dharma Bums. My copy is well-worn.


      • “It seems evident that there are throughout the world certain social and religious forces that have worked through history toward an ecologically and culturally enlightened state of affairs. Let these be encouraged: Gnostics, hip Marxists, Teilhard de Chardin Catholics, Druids, Taoists, Biologists, Witches, Yogins, Bhikkus, Quakers, Sufis, Tibetans, Zens, Shamans, Bushmen, American Indians, Polynesians, Anarchists, Alchemists, primitive cultures, communal and ashram movements, cooperative ventures.”
        ~Gary Snyder

  2. A million “Thank You’s”, John, and an equal amount of “Cheers”. With a click of your keyboard you have helped surpass my mental estimate for the June BuddhaBadge donation to Tzu Chi, as my inbox is filled with donations for badges. June must be some sort of Tibetan multiplier month.

    Oddly enough, BuddhaBadges and DharmaDots are borne from the ambient influence of the local temple I frequent (infrequently, unfortunately) The Dharma Bum Temple of San Diego –

    It’s some deep sangha in there…

    Again, Many thanks.

    • No problem. I am more than happy to help. Its good to hear that Tzu Chi will be getting a hefty donation this month as they do some great work! Here’s to surpassing both our mental estimates for the future.

      Once I get off my lazy ass I will order myself a few BuddhaBadges as well. I was happy to see that Tricycle’s Editors’ Blog picked up on this as well…with a slight amount of prodding.


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