Sex, religion and more sex

When all else fails, check the chart.


8 thoughts on “Sex, religion and more sex

  1. Funny!
    though in Buddhism’s ratings I think personally I’d change “Condemned in Most Cases” to “Not Recommended” or “Heavily Frowned Upon” 😉

    • From Access to Insight:

      In Theravada Buddhism divorce (like marriage) is regarded as a civil matter, rather than a religious or spiritual one. I don’t know of any suttas in which the Buddha expresses an opinion about divorce. The Buddha did, however, have some suggestions about how a couple should behave while they are married (see DN 31).

      So, I would say that most of the commentary on divorce occurs from a cultural standpoint when it comes to Buddhism.



    • Also from Access to Insight:

      From what I’ve read in the suttas, the Buddha gave no indication that one’s sexual orientation or gender identity has any bearing on one’s spiritual practice. The five precepts, which form the most basic foundation of a moral life in Buddhism, encourage the abstention from “sexual misconduct,” a term that generally refers to sexual activity between two people outside of a long-term committed relationship. It has nothing to do with “orientation.”



      • “Nos quatre libertins, à moitié ivres, mais résolus pourtant d’observer leurs lois, se contentèrent de baisers, d’attouchements, mais que leur tête libertine sut assaisonner de tous les raffinements de la débauche et de la lubricité.”
        ~de Sade

  2. I believe masturbation is forbidden for monks in both Theravada and Tibetan (Geluk at least), Buddhism. So it should perhaps be green.

    Teen sex is also probably yellow; as long as the teens are married, as in the Buddha’s day (and in much of the contemporary world).

    Pre-marital sex and divorce should be yellow, I think, as civil matters outside religious concern.

    And doesn’t Roman Catholicism concemn Homosexuality in most cases still (or at least homosexual ‘acts’)? Or did I miss something?

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