Jizo ~ Original Gangster

Ksitigarbha is the latest feature from Vasoon Animation, taking it’s title from the notable (and well-travelled) bodhisattva (also known as Jizo in Zen/Japanese circles). Storyline follows the exploits of Feng, a tough gangster.  However, tables are turned when he learns that his actions have condemned his mother to Hell.  I don’t know where Jizo comes into the picture but I am assuming he turns in his signature staff for a 9mm.

Some more info on Jizo… 

Jizō works to ease the suffering and shorten the sentence of those serving time in hell, to deliver the faithful into Amida’s western paradise (where inhabitants are no longer trapped in the six states of desire and karmic rebirth), and to answer the prayers of the living for health, success, children, and all manner of petitions. In modern Japan, Jizō is a savior par excellence, a friend to all, never frightening even to children, and his/her many manifestations — often cute and cartoon-like in contemporary times [from here]