Buddhism and Psychology via Baker Roshi

…Buddhism does not work with identity being organized through your story. It’s important to see that. Buddhism is concerned with developing an interior consciousness, developing your own consciousness-and understanding yourself, others, and the world through that. And that’s a different process than using Western psychology to deconstruct and reconstruct your story line. I want to emphasize that Buddhism is badly taught in the West when it doesn’t account for the fact that we Westerners really do need to recognize and mature our personal story-and from the beginning of practice, not late in the game. We do great damage to ourselves and to others when offhand and unstudied Buddhist phrases like “don’t think,” “clear the mind,” and “no self’ are used to repress our identity and deny relevant thinking. Of course, I feel Buddhism is also badly taught when it is inaccurately turned into a form of psychology or reductionistically framed by current dicta and mandates of psychology. Zen Buddhism in the West must be a path of discovery and exploration of the mystery of being and the world. [read rest here]