Buddhist Monk Charged with Filming Naked Women

Buddhist monk in Cambodia has been charged with secretly filming naked women while taking much acclaimed “holy-water baths.”  Material was then supposedly shared with others. 

Net Khai, 37, faces up to a year in jail after being charged with “producing and distributing pornographic images” by Phnom Penh Municipal Court, prosecutor Ek Chheng Huot told AFP.

He was arrested at his pagoda in the Cambodian capital on Saturday over allegations that he secretly taped the women pouring sacred water over themselves in a pagoda bathroom, said police chief Touch Naruth.

Net Khai was arrested after a victim approached police and said that video clips showing the naked women had been shared among people via their mobile phones in recent weeks.

He was subsequently stripped of his religious status.

“He has filmed hundreds of women since 2008. They came to the monk to be blessed with holy water, but they were secretly filmed,” Touch Naruth told AFP. “His act affects other monks and Buddhism and seriously harms our tradition,” he said, adding that Net Khai had confessed to his crimes.

Police said they were looking for the man’s accomplices. [source]

Hardly surprising.  This sort of abuse has been happening since the Tukogawa Era in Japan according to Duncan Ryuken Williams in his book “The Other Side of Zen: A Social History of Soto Zen” where he describes a little know three-year abusive affair an ordained Soto Zen abbott had with a householder.  The abbott held some power over the householder by promising to properly register the family with the authorities in return for sexual favors.  Otherwise he would not register the family; causing severe social and monetary complications.

The affair was found out, the abbot confronted, the wife divorced and subsequently disgraced.  After attempting suicide and threatening the abbot, the wife petitioned the father temple to restore her good name in light of the behavior of the abbot.


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  1. This sort of abuse has been happening for as long as we have had hierarchical societies, if not long.

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