Chasing Rainbows…

Where is the mind? To begin answering this, we should start our search knowing that we’re not going to find any solid, substantially existent mind. Everything is disappearing as fast as it is arising. The deeper we look, the more it disappears until we come to the point where we can’t find anything at all. Now the search is complete. We really have no idea what to do next!

In one sense, we are completely lost. In another way, we are quickly approaching the primordial state which the Buddha called great emptiness. Here there are no divisions, distinctions or boundaries. We’ve reached the ultimate point:the original, infinite, true nature of the mind. By diligently chasing rainbows, we finally reach a horizon where there is no longer anything to pursue. Everything merges in that unfathomable state. As the mind dissolves in the boundless dimension of the true nature, relax and remain in meditation. This is the central place. When there is no disturbance or dualism of body and mind, that is real meditation. It requires no magic. Simply observe your own mind. If you keep looking into it you will eventually arrive at that blissful point of perfect equanimity. [read rest here]