Mindfulness Prayer

I am mindful in this moment of my success and failure and understand that they are both illusions and shackles.

I am mindful of those around me, while not loved by me, are receiving love from others, as I am right now.

I am mindful of the moment which passes…passes….passes.

I am mindful that my body degrades and my mind breaks while my nature remains elastic.

I am mindful that soft, unfocused awareness is the sea in which unbidden thoughts drown.

I am mindful that liberation is a state and not a cognition…when did I become an adult?

I am mindful that at any moment, I may strike a deep well of wisdom that will be as fleeting and as calm as the eye of of a storm.  A moment of respite in the turmoil and confusion.  Lost again once I focus on the dust swirling around me…