The Scarecrow of No-Mind

Although it does not

mindfully keep guard,

In the small mountain fields

the scarecrow

does not stand in vain.

Everything is like this.

To make a scarecrow for the mountain fields, one fashions a human figure and puts in its hands a bow and arrow  The bird and beasts see this and flee/  Although this figure has absolutely no mind, if the deer becomes frightened and runs away, insofar as it has fulfilled its function, it has not been created in vain.

This is an example of the behavior of the people who have reached the depths of the Way/  While hands, feet and body may move, the mind does not stop anyplace at all.  Being in a state o No-Though-No-Mind, one has to come to the level of the scarecrow of the mountain fields.

Of the common man who has not found his path, we can say that from the very beginning he has had no wisdom and it will never come forth, whatever the circumstances.  The wisdom that is highest of all, being in the most remote of places, will absolutely not come forth.  Finally, the half-baked know-it-all lets his wisdom come right off the top of his head, and this is ridiculous/  The decorum of the priests today can surely be thought of in such a light.  This is a matter of shame. [from The Unfettered Mind by Takuan]