Strawmen, Samsara and Sunyata Strings

The process of walking meditation mirrors the mind but, unlike seated meditation, it relies on activity and movement.  Just as when sitting in meditation it is a momentary freedon from form and thinking, feeling and perceptions ~ This strawman puppet that I foolishly created and named “Me”.  This puppet that runs wild and untamed.

In walking, the breath will come and the breath will go, just let it happen.  Thoughts will enter and thoughts will leave, just let them pass.  One foot is placed in front of the other, overthinking and reaction will cause them to stumble.  The absolute and the relative are swirling in union and then, like a bullet, penetrate samsara.  Pain and anquish still exist.  Drive and intent still move my body and my mind.  Nothing goes away, mental things just rise and fall.  Realizing emptiness doesn’t alleviate pain and sorrow…

But now I can see the puppet strings tugging at me.