Sometimes out of frustration that Siddhartha’s teachings have not caught on enought for my liking, and sometimes out of my own ambition, I entertain ideas of reforming Buddhism, making it easier – More straightforward and puritanical.  It is devious and misguided to imagine (as I sometimes do) simplifying Buddhism into defined, calculated practices like meditating three times a day, adhering to certain dress codes, and holding certain ideological beliefs, such as that the whole world must be converted to Buddhism.  If we could promise that such practices would provide immediate, tangible result, I think there would be more Buddhists in the world.  But when I recover from these fantasies (which I rarely do), my sober mind warns me that a world of people calling themselves Buddhists would not necessarily be a better world. [What Makes You Not a Buddhist ~ Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse]

Personally, I would be horrified at a world full of Buddhists…I would much prefer a world of self-realized Buddhas springing forth from any religion where individuals strive with wisdom and compassion.  Buddha-World *shudder* I have images of Southern towns setting up Buddha theme parks, Hotei roller-coasters and Jizo water-slides.  Take your picture with Shakyamuni cut-out so it becomes you underneath the Bodhi tree…and the musical numbers are amazing.