The Echo of Dharma

Fun is immediate.  Fun is chocolate and sex.  Fun is laughing at a joke.

Joy is immutable.  Joy is memory and love.  Joy is seeing the joke in everything. 

Joy is no longer fretting about your self.  The constant push and pull of invisible forces are only figments of our own imagination.  The small, tinny voices of God and Devil are cut from the same smothering cloth.  The same security blanket that is strangling us as we struggle, not for release, but to pull it closer. It kills us and blocks the brutal reality about life—it is filled with such powerful stressors that any tremor of change becomes a much deeper event.  Through a prism of expectations we magnify the stress.  Through the prism of the relative we miss the absolute.

The absolute is joy.  The realization of the absolute is emptiness. 

My practice and family bring me joy.  I may be stressed and confused for most of my day and deluded for most of my life but through the fog of pain the moments of joy break through.  It doesn’t elliminate the pain but shines a light of wisdom upon it.  Unlike laugher that dies away over time, my joy reverberates through space and time.

Like laugher still heard in a house long abondoned.

It isn’t a matter of feeling happy. It is a matter of hearing the laughter.  This body will rot but its laughter will echo on.  Laughter is the echo of Dharma.