Two Displaced Peoples

Next time you are feeling proud of your country or feeling just a tad superior to some other countries just recall that our track record for displacing native populations for economic gain, genocide and cultural murder is not so great. I live in the Black Hills, an area sacred to the Sioux, also promised to them by treaty before the discovery of gold in the area.  You can’t help but notice the similarity between the Native American prayer bundles and the Tibetan prayer flags – both wave in the wind, bleaching in the sun; yearning for a place that once was home.


[image is of Chokling Rinpoche and members of a traditional Wind River Indian Reservation dance group. Story of visit here]

“It affects us psychlogically and spiriually…when people climb on this sacred butte and hammer metal abjects into it, the butte is defiled and our worship is intruded upon.  It is like they pounded something into our bodies.” ~ Arvol Looking Horse, Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe [in the “Devil’s” Tower Visitor Center]