Jesus and Buddha take a vacation

This one is for Kyle

That is the basic premise behind Nakamura Hikaru’s “Saint Young Men”, a japanese manga that follows the son of god and the enlightened man across the tourist traps and sights of modern day Japan.  Funny, topical and mildly irreverent; this manga features a high school girl chasing, blogging-addicted jesus sharing a small tokyo apartment with a mildly up-tight, man-purse carrying and occassionally beer-drinking buddha.

Jesus bears his iconic crown of thorns as well as a t-shirt saying “Dad, Me and the Holy Spirit.” With the Buddha sporting a nobby hair-do complete with man-purse and extended earlobes.

The whole series can be read online here.

I did sorta giggle when, on a commuter subway, a bunch of drunk businessmen confused the buddha’s enlightened earlobes for hanging straps.



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  1. Excellent, I love it! Shit, gotta make a post about this….Did you see who the blog of the day was over at the blogisattvas? hehehe

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