The Three-Legged Dharma Barstool


I can’t breathe.

Reeling drunk from overindulgence in form.  Swaying from side to side, stumbling to the bathroom door, living a lifetime of drinking in sensations and slamming down perceptions.  Puking into a dirty toilet the remnants of things I expected to always be beautiful but now float, partially digested and barely recognizable.  It seemed like such a good idea at the time…when did I become addicted to form?

Cocktails of skandhas do not nourish us.  They do not sustain us.  They may add flavor but as a meal they only serve to provide a moment of mundane pleasure and a lifetime of clinging nostalgia.  Bar-rooms become grand galas in our minds.

I will drink in skandhas for the rest of my life, I am an addict to this life, but at least this barstool of doubt, faith and vigor will keep me from drowning in it.  The three-legged barstool of Dharma keeps me above addiction to living, addiction to life.  Like an alcoholic forever trapped in a bar dripping in free booze.

It takes only two inches of water for a man to drown. It takes only one memory to remove your breath.  In each memory you find samsara.  With each moment of samsara a breath follows.  With each breath a moment of Nirvana…

moments are moments.




One thought on “The Three-Legged Dharma Barstool

  1. This is one of your best posts. It describes your practice perfectly, as well as that of the average house-holder. Meaningful.

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