El Diablo: The Great Plains Buddha


image via The KamikaZEN


Don’t be jealous of the ‘stach but Great Plains Buddhists are wild variety of the well-known domestic Buddhist.  We wander the Plains chasing the Great Ox of Enlightenment largely on our own.  No teachers to guide us, very little sangha to support us but you will see our fires burn bright at night.  Wild and untamed, is it any surprise that this particular take on the Dharma grew handlebar mustachios and donned a 10-gallon hat?

We exist on meager Dharma sustenance from the panhandle of Texas to the great northern prairie of Saskatchewan and even into the wilderness of Alaska.  Not one for fancy centers or how-to new age books, the lone prairie Buddhist finds a moment of Dharma in a sink full of dishes, a woodpile needing to be chopped or moments of quietude between shifts.  Rarely well-read but always well-intentioned, the Great Plains Buddha smells of campfire smoke, a wisp of tequila, a notion of incense with a serious undercurrent of bodhichitta.

We also love old reruns of “Kung Fu”…



3 thoughts on “El Diablo: The Great Plains Buddha

  1. I get kind of pissy when people want to talk about how realized and awesome the isolated Buddhists in the mountains of China are but American isolated practitioners are “wannabes” who are blinded by their Western ideals and will never know true Dharma until they get their asses in a real Zendo with a Master. I still even see practitioners assume that since someone is Asian and wear robes they are definitely authentic, but a punk rocker from Ohio is nothing but a poser who has raped Asian culture. Who is marginalizing who?

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