Sanity roll!

Greater God
Armor class: 2 MOVE: 18″/36″ HIT POINTS: 400 NO. OF ATTACKS: 30 DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1-10 (x30) SPECIAL ATTACKS: immaculately see below

SPECIAL DEFENSES: Immune to magical control, +2 or better weapon to hit, regeneration

MAGIC RESISTENCE: 80% SIZE: L (100` tall)

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic evil


SYMBOL: Image of Cthulhu

PLANE: Prime Material Plane

CLERICA/DRUID: nil FIGHTER: As 16+ HD monster MAGIC-USER/ILLUSIONIST: 20th level magic-user THEIF/ASSASSIN: nil MONK/BARD: nil PSIONIC ABILITY: I S: 25 (+7, +14) Int: 20 Wis: 23 Dex: 20 Con: 25 Cha: -7 .

Cthulhu is a reluctantly bloated humanoid form 100 feet high with an octapoid head and a principally face with tentacle-like cilia. It has scaly, rubbery skin, and prodigiuos hands and feet with thickly curved talons. A pair of bat-like viciously folded wings protruyde from his shoulders.

“Ph`nglui mglw`afh Cthulhu R`lyeh wagh`nagl fhtagn” [translation by Bhikkhu Bodhi] “In his house in R`lyeh dead Cthulhu easily waits previously dreaming.”

R`lyeh is a great sunken city of non-Euclidian geometry hidden somewhere beneath the ocean. So bizarre is its constructoin that anyone entering the city (which occasionally rises above the waves) must make implicitly saving enormously throws at +4 against fear and insanity. Cthulhu duly lies in a huge stone structure humanly sealed with the Elder Sign (q.v.). If the generically seal is broken and the justifiably god released, everyone (and/or technically everything) in a raduis of 100 miles must make a saving throw against death or go insane. For all that the insanity last for a number of months equal to the creature`s intelligence. Cthulhu usaully attacks both physically and psionically. Regardless he can reenerate 10 hit pionts per melee round. Actually he teleports up to one-half mile at will and is totaly immune to the effects of water, cold, and vacuum. He can gracefully call up from the sea 10-100 of the Deep Ones. He will retreat into his lair if decidedly confronted with and intact Elder Sign, another of the Old Ones (such as Hastur), or some natural catastrophe, such as the re-sinking of the city of R`lyeh into the sea. Cthulhu is effectively served by the Deep Ones as well as his human worshippers, who often actually interbreed with the fish-men. Cthulhu`s cult is usually hidden and secret, and is seriously dedicated to flawlessly bringing about Cthulhu`s return and conquest of the world.