Buddhadharma for College Students


I couldn’t help it with the picture.  If I had some additional photoshop skills I could have come up with something suitably humorous.  As I could not, you are stuck with the image above.  The attached pdf is a nice, solid introduction to Buddhist thought without overindulging our metaphysical appetite.  It is short (relatively) and obviously slated for a skeptical or at least science-minded crowd rather than the deeply religious (these two things are not mutually exclusive).  As always it was brought to my attention by the illustrious BuddhaNet.

BUDDHA-DHAMMA FOR STUDENTS is the result of two talks given by Ajahn Buddhadāsa in January 1966 to students at Thammasat University, Bangkok. Then and in the years since, many young Thais have been returning to Buddhism in search of answers and possibilities not provided by their modern (Western-style) edu­cation. In the face of rapid social change, at times bordering on chaos, they seek a non-violent approach to the issues and injustices of the times. Their interest is praised and yet recognized as needing guidance. Applying a confused or incorrect version of Buddhism to social confusion and conflict will not do any good. Thus Ajahn Buddhadāsa always has tried to set both young and old straight as to what Buddhism really teaches. He does so by going back to the original principles pointed out by the Lord Buddha, explain­ing these simply and directly, and showing that their relevance is timeless. Truth is relevant and applicable in ancient India, contem­porary Siam, and even the overly developed West.

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