If Happiness is a Delusion then Bob Ross is my God!

What happens when happiness is firmly rooted in desire rather than acceptance and contentment?  This may be a tad off-topic from the video but it reminds me that forcing happiness on ourselves is just another clinging delusion.  An excuse to dismiss the pressing moments of our life rather than engage in them directly.  Like “idiot compassion” but focused inward, we give ourselves when we want because we can’t deal with the suffering.  Nibbling on the junk food of the mind, hunger is abaded but we are not nourished.  We feed our own delusions that way.

Our daily lives are ripe with the image of happiness as an object – a thing to be grasped, pulled from the tree and ingested.  We eat and consume happiness of this sort every day.  Happiness as a process allows us to notice, accept and engage change – the impermanence of happiness.  It is constantly evolving and rather than clinging to one form we embrace the dance that ensues,  Stubbed toes and all.

Just look at Bob Ross.