Zen Creed

Mr. Dharmavidya of the Amida Trust wrote the following modeled after the Christian Apostle’s Creed which he has named “The Pure Land Bodhisattva Creed.”
I believe in the Unborn, the Unconditioned, the Uncreate
I believe in Amida Nyorai
of measureless life and boundless light
who made 48 great expressions of faith
by which all beings might find salvation.

I believe in uncontable Buddhas and bodhiasattvas
in the ten directions and the three times
in their absolute nature, manifest presence and spiritual being

I believe that without creation, judgement or self-justification
the Buddhas are our friends
and teach the Dharma
to bestow merit and liberation.

I believe in the sangha

I believe in the fallible and vulnerable nature of all beings
and that the compassion of the Buddhas is directed especially
to those who realise their frailty of nature.

I believe in the Pure Land
and the generation of Buddha Lands
where all will quickly awaken.

I believe in the Name
by which all are blessed
and by which we may express our gratitude
Namo Amida Bu..

I loved it so I attempted my own “Zen Creed.”  It is, perhaps, a tad bit darker and less happy than the above but I do think that boots, like practice, require a smear of dirt and grime to make them useful.  Zen practice is at all times serious, lively, energetic, dull and as sharp as Manjushri’s sword.  It is both the lotus flower and the filth from which it grows.

I take upon myself that my practice is expression of the Absolute.
With boundless joy I reject a soul without time, without stain, without change.
Moments are moments; the carrion crows of the present pick at the past
existing as mutable specks in a bright sky.

The rain falls from clouds.  Once released, clarity ensues and endures…
Until clouds again converge over the mountains from all ten directions but remember
Mountains are only mountains and sky is only sky. 
The horizon moves away as one draw closer.

Place foot after foot, cut through delusions but the fog of mind will return.
Embracing the sinister as well as the beneficial see that actions create actions.
Salvation manifests through meditation, compassion and sincerity.
Hope built upon foundations of great doubt, great faith and ernest striving.

A lively river, we float along.
Don’t attach to swells or brooks. Perceive everything.
What foolish beings we are; spewing shit and calling it Dharma.



3 thoughts on “Zen Creed

  1. This hit me unexpectedly, with a child’s surprise…There is great turmoil in my life at the moment. Your elegant imagery connected me to something quiet and grounding, something I’m in short supply of. I must read this again tomorrow… 🙂

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