A Toast to Dharma, Drinks and Samsaric Posturing


Stumbling forward to the fully realized mind, I offer up another round of Bodhisattva Drinks and Buddha Ale to all the hungry ghosts that gather at my barstool from each of the ten glorious directions.  Shunyata is vast and all encompassing and while surviving hells is most certainly thirsty work; I wish to wet my whistle and not gargle with salt-water. 

I invite all my ancient Dharma ancestors, fallen Bodhisattvas, Zen clowns and all manner of friendly and unfriendly spirits dwelling in the untamed and lonely wilderness of the Great Plains to come and gather here. With deep respect and sympathy I offer shots, fancy umbrella drinks and frosty brew to all of you, with the sincere hope that you will drink a precious moment with me. 

Through the offering of a joyous mind, we make this dedication to the Buddhas and Mahasattvas to aid all sentient beings throughout this vast echoing emptiness, so that we all may be content and satisfied with this moment and this life.  May we realize in this lifetime and not over endless series of kalpas that this body is indeed the body of Buddha and this land is indeed the Pure Land.  Infinite bliss fills me as I take in a breath and compassion is exhaled…even to my last.

May your practice be beneficial along the way.

May you realize liberation tonight before our last call.

May your self drop away like a soiled napkin to the bar-room floor.

May all of our maritinis be dry, garnished with an olive and served with bodhichitta.

May, as I drain this last glass, I see the 32 signs etched at the botton.

At the end, whatever merit is left in this dried husk of a body – whatever value is left in this old sack of dung – let it completely transfer to others and be dedicated to an awakening of complete and utter clarity to those that frequent Samsara.  Let this whole Dharma world ring with the sound of my glass, empty, hitting the polished surface of this true reality.

Go as you will.  May you travel freely throughout these endless Buddha fields and arouse your own awakened mind.




4 thoughts on “A Toast to Dharma, Drinks and Samsaric Posturing

  1. I should mention, as Trevor pointed out in his post, that this is a parody/humorous take on the “Gate of Sweet Dew” http://bit.ly/9GMC1qSince hungry ghosts often find themselves at bars or beneath them, I thought it appropriate to raise a glass to them.Cheers.

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