The Demon of Zen


A demon sits in meditation
    while angels sing.
A battle lasting lifetimes,
   expressed in a moment
that is

Whether a monster sitting zazen under a bridge or an angel singing in the clouds; the practice is the same.  A moment is still a moment, despite appearances and preconceptions.  Don’t let the frown and horned visage of a demon deter you or let the soft sounds of an angelic voice distract you; both emanate from the same source.  When you sit with others you sit with numerous demons and angels, monsters and heros; diverse but all equal when they walk through the doors of practice.  Layers peel away to the essence beneath.  Neither good nor bad; evil or virtuous.  Just open, naked and luminous.  Both glorious and sad.

Painting “Demon Meditating” by  Jan Zaremba (his book)


2 thoughts on “The Demon of Zen

  1. Love this post! I used to try asking for protection from negative thoughts during meditation and it made it worse. When I accept all, the metta flows.

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