Blogisattva Gratitude and some left unnoticed.


Much humble thanks to those that nominated my blog “Sweep the Dust Push the Dirt” for the Blogisattvas.  Humor, transparency, openness and candor is what I attempt to bring to my writing and although I have moments of stubbornness, lack of skill and (frankly) complete douchbaggery; the fact that so many stop by to read, comment or share what I produce completely baffles me and, at the same time, reaffirms my position that an open discussion is the best discussion.

If so motivated you can check out all the Blogisatttva nominees and winners here.

Also check out the list of Buddhist blogs that Blogisattva administrator and blogger extraordinaire Kyle Lovett put together by clicking on the “Buddhist Blogs” tab at the top of this page.  There are an amazing amount of voices out there.  A few have been very helpful to me lately:

  • The Zennist (ekacitta for shorter posterous posts):  @mujaku is a rambunctious and bold old-timey Dharma blogger.  With strong opinions and an even stronger mustache he is worth a consistent readership.  Even if he just gets you off of your ass for a moment and into some Mahayana sutras, you will be all the better for it.  He also hates Soto Zen which is refreshing (even though my practice is basically Soto) in this world of Shunryu Suzuki quotes and Brad Warner articles.
  • Bill Schwartz (elephant journal): @ryderjaphy pulls no punches and takes no quarter.  His posts on the Elephant Journal challenge all that read them (including myself and a large Buddhist contingency on twitter).  But a bodhisattva just doesn’t sit on a log watching the days go by – They get directly into the fray, speak from the heart-mind and deliver a few head-butts to punctuate.  Agree with him or not, he gets us talking and conversing (sometimes loudly).  Recently censored from a post that could have proved critical to KPC (a Western Monastery and Dharma Center of the Palyul sect of the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism), Bill is not scared to speak his mind even when others are scared of what he says.
  • Echos of the Name:  A wonderful Shin/Zen practice blog with a number of insightful writers (@kyoshin), comments and resources.  There “About” page says it all ““Pure religion … is the attitude of discovering the life within the self that is connected to all things.  It means aiming at manifesting the life of each and every encounter, and seeing all of these encounters as our own life.”  This blog has been a great boon lately to me in explorations into Shin practice.
  • Digital Zendo:  I can’t say much more about Jaye (@digitalzendo) that I have not said in the past.  A constant inspiration and holder of pure dharma gold; Jaye blogs from the heart and it shows.  He posts in a way that we should live our lives: straightforward, honest and with his whole body and mind. When Jaye laughs in his posts, I laugh.  When he cries, I cry.  Rarely do words hold a candle to zen experience and practice, but Jaye gets really fucking close.

I was fortunate enough to be win in two categories: (as well as honored as a nominee in “Best Achievement Blogging on Buddhist Practice or Dharma” and “Blog of the Year”)

I am not ashamed to say that I am proud of both these posts.  The first was a welcome attempt at humor after some touchy conversations but I posted it as an homage to those that challenge, support and follow me in this practice and this path.  The second was the post that brought me to create a new blog – this one – as you can tell by the title and was move towards a more inclusive and broad practice.  Less labels, more realization.  I am happy that they were of benefit and worthy of consideration.





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