Free Homemade Buddhist Christmas Cards

I do this every year.  I try to put together some quick gag (read as “joke” and not “preliminary to puke”) pictures for the holiday season.  I am no graphic designer (nor am i even close to one as these were done on powerpoint) but I thought these were funny enough to share in their humble glory.  Feel free to print out and give to someone you love or hate (as they are both empty of any substance)…they also make wonderful postcards.  Just make sure you tell them that Jack Daw is watching them and knows when they are sleeping.

All pictures from stock.xchng and open to non-commercial use.  Photo of Bill Swchartz borrowed from his twitter account. Epic photo of Henry Rollins from Nat Geo. No velocirapters were harmed in the making of these cards.


5 thoughts on “Free Homemade Buddhist Christmas Cards

  1. LOL!(Rarely with me does ‘LOL’ really mean that I actually laughed out loud, but in this case I did! Brilliantly funny! Thank you!)

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