A Buddhist Christmas Carol

To many Buddhist practitioners, especially those of the convert variety, there tends to be an interesting commentary on what to do or how to practice during Christmas. Many cultural Christians who grew up with the holiday can accept it as a time for celebration with family. For others, they find it the perfect time to dig in their heels and proudly state that they are Buddhist and don’t celebrate Christmas. Some of the more inventive may celebrate Bodhi Day earlier in the month and use it as an opportunity to celebrate togetherness. But it seems the most common reaction is to create a colorful conglomerate of both traditions: a sprinkle of Christian glitter on the holiday; a dose of Dharma faerie dust to make the reason of the season more nominally Buddhist or just to make it more palatable and fun….

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And thanks to Carlos from Dharma/Arte for inviting me to write a Christmas post for them!

If you missed it, I also had a post over at Elephant Journal: “How to be a *Good* Buddhist during Christmas”

Merry Christmas everyone!





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  1. Or, as a Buddhist friend of mine sez when wished a Merry Christmas: “I’m a Buddhist, for Christ’s sake!” I’m using that one next year!

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