Engaged Buddhism


Who can sit zazen for 12 hours a day
when the pot on the stove needs be stirred
every 10 minutes?

Why nurture the fields?
If you never plan on harvesting
the wheat.

What the fuck is thich nhat hahn looking at?


6 thoughts on “Engaged Buddhism

  1. wow … the first line of my comment is there but the rest disappeared.2010 and we’re still being scrweed over by blogging software … maybe worse than ever.Folk should attend to things properly. But they don’t.

  2. I feel your pain, Ben. This is not the first time that @posterous gave me some difficulty with getting comments though. I apologize and hope that you can at least sum up your comment as I am sure it would have added positively to the conversation. You can always email me at admin[at]zendirtzendust[dot]com if you wish.Cheers,John

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