Ugh. Year in Review.


I don’t really like these “year in review” posts but here I am – coffee in hand while typing away – to try to sum up the year past and gather momentum for the future.  A few major things happened this year…

  • My wife and I are expecting our next samsara toddler (this one lovingly referred to as ‘lil dakini by me).  Due date is end of January and I can’t think of a better way to bring in the new year.
  • I pretty much dropped out of my MS program in paleontology.  Again, another difficult choice but familial, vocational and personal requirements were not jiving with the academic any more.  I regret seeing all the practical and field work I completed from 2000 on and all the academic work from 2005 be all for naught but there you go.  There are always sacrifices that are needed for advanced coursework and I am unable and unwilling to make them.  Bottom line is that I can’t complete the 5-6 week field course that would require me leaving my job to do so.  No bitter lemons.  Just the waythings worked out.
  • I was accepted into an MLIS program.  Can’t keep a good degree-collector down and I am looking forward to a Master’s degree in archiving and digital libraries that I can complete without undo stress on my family….well, maybe just a little stress on them.  But I can complete coursework while staying employed.
  • Still a-working away at a public library.
  • Still hoping that the massive branch that is hanging over my roof won’t fall.
  • I don’t practice much with the local Zen sangha (Laughing Teabowl) but was able to attend parts of last sesshin and meet with roshi briefly. 

Blogging was good…

  • I have pretty much walked away from posting on Sweep the Dust Push the Dirt but just could not get rid of the guest-posts.  For me they were some of the best writing and most engaging and too much fun to read and comment on.  So “Sweep” will remain open to guest posts.  If you want to say something about Buddhism (any tradition or viewpoint) then drop me a line at admin[at]zendirtzendust[dot]com.  I look forward to some more insightful posts there…just not from me.
  • I connected to some more personal posting through prose and poetry on Point of Contact (this blog, if you were wondering) and have been enjoying that exploration.
  • Still posting on Elephant Journal and on Dharma Arte when time (and editors) allow.
  • Started a small poetry blog Wild West Dharma  in 2011 that I will post one original (perhaps bad perhaps good) poem every day.  That is my weird little New Year’s Resolution.  I hope that I can see some growth of my own writing over the year and I invite everyone to comment, critique and otherwise aid me in my writing.

Some posts (the ones that I really enjoyed writing and am not afraid to say that I was a wee bit proud of).

Some books I enjoyed…

So yeah.  Basically shit happened and shit continues to happen.  Best thing to do is learn how to take a punch….and enjoy every sandwich (via Warren Zevon Bodhisattva)


2 thoughts on “Ugh. Year in Review.

  1. as a former creative writing major with one amazingly crappy senior thesis full of post-adolescent pablum; I commend your poetry blog efforts. Really enjoy it.

  2. Thanks, @curtissesq I do have fun writing. I was noticing more and more that I enjoyed poetic prose rather than commentary. It required less intellectualizing and more emoting and visceral release. Both have their pros and cons, of course, but I am enjoying this…perhaps this is the “Year of Poetry” as last year could be typified as “Year of Blogging”

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