Billboard Sutra Prayer

Together we gather at this crossroads
of mountains, rivers and valleys extending to the horizon.
Billboard sutras, road-side zendos and a street-corner roshi
Each cast deep shadows on the six directions at dawn.
Bodhicitta rides into town in the backseat of a ’72 Ford Pickup,
Longing to return to the mountains, rivers and valleys,
But trapped in borderlands and bardos, lost in sensation and moment.
Juniper rooted deep in the earth but streaking to the sky,
Burning through clouds and airplane exhaust,
We hear the voice to settle and renunciate:
To call the family into meditation with the
Ring of a pyrex bowl and the smell of pancakes.
Dropping the pretense to practice
In the austerity of heaven
Instead to sit retreat
with Coyote.



3 thoughts on “Billboard Sutra Prayer

  1. Painted a wonderful picture. Thanks. Are you on Twitter? If so, what is your “name”? Please reply to @Margaret_Scott.

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