Words about a secluded retreat ~ Shoku

I, a hermit at a secluded retreat, am
   poor and also humble;
I am not ambitious for wealth and distinction,
   but love my own life;
Though the four walls are crude,
   the Eight Winds cannot trespass on them;
Though one gourd for wine is empty,
   the samadhi is full to the brim spontaneously;
I do not know anyone,
   there is neither slander nor praise;
No one knows me,
   there is neither hatred nor affection;
When I lie down with my head resting on my arm,
   delight and happiness exist in it;
For what purpose should I wish again for
   unstable luxuy which is like a floating cloud!

As I sit day passing to day,
    the only mark of time
is the drip of snow melt
    falling from tree to roof.

The suikinkutsu of the plains…