Happy Wednesday to everyone! I am sending out some major metta and a Ganesh-mageddon (facts, pictures and some mantras) to a great friend that I hardly get to see because she is constantly in the field. Hope you enjoy it, darlin’!

Hindu traders from the 10th century onwards introduced Ganesha to the rest of Asia. Along with other Hindu gods (Brahma, Indra, Shiva and Vishnu), Ganesha was assimilated into Buddhism.

The Ganesha of Buddhism is quite at variance with the god that Hindus are familiar with. He is the only Hindu god regarded as a bodhisattva a (Buddha-to-be).  Ganesha is an ambivalent figure in Tibetan Buddhism. Some scriptures depict him as Vinayaka, a demon who must be propitiated in order to avoid destruction. He is also shown being trampled upon by a Buddhist deity, Mahakala.  In another form, he is the Destroyer of Obstacles, Nrtta Ganapati, the dancing god who made his way into Tibet through Nepal. As a red, many-limbed and fearfully armed deity, he is an emanation of Avalokiteswara, the Buddhist deity.

The early Buddhists took Ganesha with them to Japan, where he became a minor deity called Kangiten. Several rituals and beliefs practiced by his worshippers in Japan correspond with the Indian cult of Ganapatya. Many prominent temples have been dedicated to Ganesha in Japan. While businessmen propitiate him for success in their enterprises, young lovers pray to him for a fruitful courtship [via Buddha Groove]

Ani Choying has always believed that nuns have a great desire and potential to make the world a better place, if only given equal opportunities. Arya Tara School, opened in 2000, aims to equip nuns to help and to serve their communities in a professional and humanitarian capacity. With a fully developed and realized potential, she believes that her nuns will be able to not only help themselves, but also to help others. In brief, Arya Tara School aims to help young nuns bring their compassion into fruition, actively, effectively, skillfully and meaningfully. Traditionally, says Ani Choying, women’s education is neglected in Asia. “most of the girls at my nunnery are from rural areas either in Tibet, India or Nepal, patriarchal cultures where women are expected just to cook, clean and bear children. Even in the nunnery, they are taught to read classical Tibetan in order to do the religious practice, but many cannot write their own names.” Her school would educate them in Literacy, Maths, Science, Medical and Nursing skills, and Buddhist philosophy. ~ from website

During his photo shoot for his new album, Trevor was painted by a real elephant. Probably in thanks, he sang a Hymn to Ganesh.  What is missing from the last few minutes of the video where Lord Ganesha returns to Earth and pounds Trevor into a crudely painted, bloody and twitching pulp!  Go Lord Ganesha!


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