The Elfquest Canon free online…NERDgasm

I try not to hide the fact that I am, in essense, a comics geek. Shoved back into the closet of shame for a few years when it became impossible to collect and read the mass of material out there in the multiverse due to time, job, family and monetary restrictions, it is still fun to pop out of my hole from time to time when something miraculous occurs…

And the miraculous does occur. One of my childhood and adolescent staples was Elfquest, often ridiculed by even the mainstream comics community for enjoying such a title, but Elfquest remains one of the prime examples of a independently owned and operated, creatively -driven comic despite the Marvel reprints in the 1980’s.

The original story arc consists of Cutter, chief of the Wolfriders, a woodland tribe of “wild” elves, as they confront the perils of a primitive Two-Moon human world. They encounter new races of elves, trolls, friendly and fearsome humans and embark on a quest that takes them far from their “ancestrial” homeland to unravel the secrets of their race’s past. Far from the Tolkien and fantasy genre view of elves, Wendy Pini dives deeper into a spiritual and “human” story of a family thrown out of their home and into the unknown.

My Zen-geek gets shudders with the undertones of impermanence, emptiness and “Living in the Now” that peppers the story (but both creators were hippies so no big surprise there).

Anyway, the entire Elfquest canon is online and free to view so you can get your Elfquest fix whenever needed.