Empty and devoid of ego is the nature of all things.

Empty and devoid of ego
is the nature of all things.
There is no individual being
that in reality exists.

Nor end nor beginning having,
nor any middle course.

All is a sham, there’s no reality whaever;
It is like unto a vision and a dream.

It is like unto clouds and lightning.
It is like unto gossamer or bubbles floating
It is like unto a fiery revolving wheel.

It is like unto water splashing.

Because of causes and conditions things are here:
In them there is no self-nature (atman, soul).
All things that move and work,
know them as such.

Ignorance and thirsty desire,
the source of birth and death are they:

Right contemplation and discipline of heart,
desire and ignorance obliterate.

All beings in the world,
beyond words and expressions are they;
Their ultimate true nature, pure and true,
Is like unto vacuity of space.  

 –  Mahayana Abhisamaya Sutra



2 thoughts on “Empty and devoid of ego is the nature of all things.

  1. Your website is excellent and the inspiration behind it is deeply felt. I appreciate how the dharma is shared and the arms length manner in which you present it bolstered by the images of beauty, transience, wisdom and perspective all as intertwined truths and aspects of dharma in and of themselves. The presence of sutras and quotes lends energy and an atmosphere of mindfulness shared as essential parts of a vast landscape available to the traveler on their way when they are ready to draw upon them in their own due time. I have relocated to NYC, and I would like to argue that there is more than one buddhist purgatory rather than suggest you are located in the only one. Being here I think I have gained that much more by having found your website. If I meet you here or there, the beer is on me.Thank you

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I am glad you found my blog useful. By all means I will accept your beer and buy the next round. Good luck in Buddhist Purgatory.

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