Arrested Nun, A touch of Buddhism and the Universality of the Bodhisattva Vow.


Buddhist Nun Refuses Plea Deal. Arun at Angry Asian Buddhist reports that the nun that was reported previously to have been arrested and charged with a temple. DNAInfo reports that prosecutors are charging her with a misdemeanor of “acting as an unlicensed vendor” for handing out prayer beads to passersby on Canal Street.

Nathan over at Dangerous Harvests attributes this to former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani’s “crack down on the poor” policies.

The NY District Attorneys Office seems to be keen on saving face by offering a plea of one day community service which was properly refused. Feel free to contact the DA’s office on twitter or facebook and ask since when is handing out beads on a street illegal. It may also be worthwhile to realize that this fund-raising effort was not unknown to the community.

In the scorching heat or in the pouring rain, one Buddhist monk has appeared on the streets of Chinatown day after day, seeking donations to repair a temple in Atlanta, Ga., that was damaged after a fire.

Hong Yuan, who came to New York in 1996 and has been practicing as a Buddhist monk for more than 20 years, bought a house in Atlanta in 2007 that she turned into the Pu Xian Temple. On March 26, the temple caught fire while Hong was in China; no one was inside at the time.

Hong said that when she returned, she was informed by her insurance company that it would not settle her claims since her name and the name on the insurance documents did not match up. Hong said that when she filled out the insurance forms to transfer her residence over to the association, she forgot to make the necessary changes to the documents, adding that she did not realize such a small oversight would have such big consequences.

If you want to make a donation, you can make checks payable to the Atlanta Pu Xian Buddhist Association, Inc., 3140 Shallowford Pl., Atlanta, GA 30341. The association can also be reached by telephone at 678-436-3607. Singtao Daily

A Little Bit Buddhist? Barbara over at has a nice reaction piece to a blog on Washington Post’s On Faith blog. It is short, to the point and well-written. Wonderful comments on the page as well.

Mahayana or Hinayana? Over at Suzuki Roshi Dharma Talks, there is a recorded and transcribed talk by Suzuki Roshi on the differences and the similarities between the two vehicles. Well worth the read and a listen.

… We say “bodhisattva’s vow,” but actually this is not only Mahāyāna Buddhist vow but also all the Buddhist vow.  When we say Mahāyāna, we also—it means that something—usually it means that the something superior teaching in contrast with Hinayāna.  But this is—may not be real understanding.  According to Dōgen-zenji, this is not right understanding, to say “Hīnayāna” or “Mahāyāna.”


American Buddhism Keeps Asian Influence and Adapts to the West. A nice piece on inclusive Buddhist practice in America.



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  1. Thanks for the NYC DA twitter address. I sent him a tweet:To @manhattanDA Prosecuting a nun for handing out prayer beads? Have you run out of real criminals in NYC?

  2. PS Check his other twitter address: @CyVanceforDA – little bio says “As Manhatta’s new District Attorney, I will be guided by two questions: Does it make us safer? and Is it fair?” No to both, Cy…

  3. Reading about Buddhism so I can learn is interesting, confusing, amusing and scary – all at the same time. Study on …….

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