Shells on a beach. The Illusion of Self.

  • Realize that the world, while so tangible to the mind, is a dream – an illusion.
  • Realize that the mind, hard at work manufacturing the world, is of no permanent essense.
  • Realize that everything that arises will also pass away. This includes moments, thoughts, your life and skinned knees.
  • Realize that all skinned knees and lives are here due to conditions. These conditions are multi-faceted and intractable.
  • Realize words are just words, actions are just actions and thoughts are just thoughts.
  • Realize that words are just thoughts and that thoughts are just actions.
  • Realize that all words, thoughts and actions in turn cause other words, thoughts and actions.
  • Realize that the elimination of all words, thoughts and actions does not eliminate results. In actuality, they cause different results.
  • Realize that love and loss, pain and pleasure, life and death are all conditioned and of the same overall essense.
  • Realize that friends who provide pleasure will hinder your practice and enemies who provide pain will, in turn, progress it. 
  • Realize that the striving for anything is attachment. This includes spiritual striving, striving after pleasure and gum chewing.
  • Realize that the roots of enlightenment are deeply sunk into the soil of samsara. To pull those roots is just cessation, not liberation.
  • Realize that everything is devoid of meaning except what we place upon it.
  • Realize that all is empty and laugh.
  • Stop laughing. You look like an idiot.

Specks of paint on a wall,
     we define or illuminate nothing.
Actions devoid of any nature of self,
     moments as numerous as beach sand.
Shells collected and placed on the altar of Mind,
     memories are the illusion of self.



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