The Great Sea of Dharma

We say that everything exists in this moment yet moments will come where our loved ones die and leave; where beauty passes; where the very foundation that holds us up will shift and crumble beneath us. Nothing is stable. Nothing is consistent. Even our memories and thoughts are just fabrications. A whole forest of mental autumn leaves blown in the air, while we scramble to grab as many as we can before they leave us…only to be blown up again at the slightest tremor of thought. This is a truth that is hard to take. A bitter medicine that goes down hard but once it goes down…

It stays down.

Everything changes, opportunities will always present themselves and fall away as quickly; like a child with a finger in the dam, we change and adapt in a constant torrent of moments; both painful and joyous, both mundane and sacred. There is a constant movement of coming and going. We get stuck on the going – only on the leaving. We see only impermanence and only change. We fall into an dark hole of emptiness, this is where we get stuck. This is where we need a hand up, only a fool will not be lost here.

The hardest lesson to learn is that everything is empty including even the concept of emptiness – even the teachings of our great teachers – even the words of the Buddha are only leaves blown across the sea. From this realization, though, satisfaction is born. No more clinging. We are born again protected from that drunkard, Compliance and even from that vengeful spirit, Happiness. Both are just glimmers. Illusions. There is no happiness to be found in the memorization of sutras, none to be found in the veneration of statues or words. Conversely there is no happiness to be found in the avoidance of those things. Satisfaction is found when we realize that even the teachings are empty. When we can say that even the Great Buddha or Christ are just specks of ancient windblown leaves floating over a great sea of realization – a great sea of Dharma.

Some just stay aloft longer than others.

Good luck, my leaves! It is always a pleasure to float along with you.


The beauty of youth!
To know what you are looking for,
to search for a way ,
to discover a truth,
are all actions that
will create a cycle
of birth and ignorance,
death and hopelessness.
You will giggle
when everything
you want and need
are close to home.


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