For the moment anyway…

For the moment anyway, the primary mode of practice is the practice of silent-sitting – the art of koan-reflection [rather than koan-understanding] – science of momentary [rather than monetary] realization and subtle [rather than stunning] silence. The beauty of this is that it hardly matters whether you are clever or stupid, sharp or dull, quick or slow, well honed or unsheathed; if you are enthusiastic and consistent [content?] with your practice you will naturally grow.

Don’t fool yourself. You grow anyway but zazen allows you to see the direction [while not directing the direction] you are headed. Upstream or downstream, it opens up moments, as they pass, to compassion tempered by wisdom. The forge of experience builds awareness. It is simple. Basic. Monochromatic. But never dull.

Study and debate are wonderful tools but it requires a keen mind and, at times, a sharper tongue. Level of understanding is besides the point [right next to it actually]. Study just builds things up, zazen washes it away. Like an beach, both are needed in order to keep the shells rolling in the tide. Do we stop the ocean; freeze the tide or just eventually roll out of reach of the waves?


Image from the book “Memories Awashed”