Zombies in the Library!

I have resisted doing a READ poster for the past 3 years but this theme was just too good to pass up (although my final swan song will be a READ poster of me holding the Necronomicon in all of its sanity-devouring glory).

Zombies in the Library is this inaugural Zomtober feature. While we were not able to go all out this year at the library, we are featuring a showing of the original Night of the Living Dead on October 27th. And all Zomtober madness has been faithfully recorded for prosperity by fellow zombrarian and scholar of the bio-necrological arts, Marti Fuerst in her impressive Zombie Pathfinder, Zombies in the Stacks. So check it out.

There is also a blog to follow for all of your zombie-related needs or desires…always remember the three rules of Zomtober survival: 1) Reload 2) Cardio and 3) Reload!


And yes, that is a My Little Pony with a Dharma-stache. I don’t really understand how or why that happened but know better than to question it…