Fun comments from people that defend Genpo’s Big Mind scam.

Let me sum up this person’s issue. “Wah! You don’t like my teacher! Wah! My teacher is sexually promiscuous. Wah! He charges absurd prices for lame New Age crap! Wah! No-one give Genpo any legitimacy anymore…Wah!” ~ ed.

Bottom line. When you question a guru’s livelihood, even on some crappy little blog, all the crazies come out! Big Mind is now followed by little ™ and ®. It is a corporate entity shoveling corporate shit to open maws. Just look at all the “benefits” of joining!

Anyway…on to the crying…


600 BC there was this Hindu saying, “That boy Sidharta seven years! Noooo seven lifetimes, boys not a Real Hindu.”

So who told you you cannot have money and be enlightened?
Why did you decide to believe this?
Do you all cut your wood with stone axes?
Walk in the woods and only eat wild foods?
I really am trying to figure out how you get on the internet without computers! You guys have got to be so much more enlightened than I am.

Genpo Roshi tells you straight up he is competitive. He was an olympic athlete. He went through Zen training the same way. Do you think he became a roshi using a fly-by-night mail-order zen-moneystarry? He did this in Japan, a place I lived for 14 years and know exactly how “follow the rules” that culture is.

To the gentleman who says Genpo seduced his wife, stole her away from some bodybuilder, obviously has never had a girlfriend honest enough to tell him the truth.

Women allow men to think we seduced them. Your girlfriend-wife chose you long before you even knew she was in the room.

Genpo is honest enough to say he is a pervert. Fact is we all are, but not many are willing to dig deep and be honest.

Have you DONE Big Mind?
Oh it costs money? So none of you pays for the internet, your electricity, food, the clothes you wear and anything else in life. None of you drives a car or flies on planes?
Genpo is trying to advance a technology and make it accessible to as many people as possible. So you sit zazen with 6 or 10 people and this makes it the Real stuff, but Genpo charges money so it must be the fakes stuff?

All that said, I do not sit zazen much anymore. I rarely go to buddhist anythings because it is filled with people who are so attached to their Point of View that it clouds everything they do.

Allow me to leave you with the words of George Bernard Shaw:

Those who can, Do.
Those who can’t, Teach.

those who can’t teach are critics.

Me? I am an @sshole of the first waters, certified, total and utter. I recommend you ignore me.
After all your righteous indignation looks so good on you. Bet you get all the best zazenettes when you wear it.

Now there’s an interesting sit.


8 thoughts on “Fun comments from people that defend Genpo’s Big Mind scam.

  1. I’m still getting comments on my Genpo post from February. It’s amazing how much of a lightning rod this dude has become.

  2. No kidding, Nathan? It has been awhile since I last posted about him or even made a comment in his direction (this one was posted on my old ZDZD blog in the comments section of all places). People get very defensive when their Gurus stumble and people call them on it. I think that blind allegiance and desire to defend is, perhaps, the most dangerous thing. But I suppose people's paychecks are at stake now…

  3. I live in the same state as Genpo and when I started looking into Buddhism I stumbled across his site. I was so hurt by the fact that there was a minimum dana! Not to mention the cost of going to any of the events. I saw some that cost in the thousands of dollars. Being a poor, starving college student I was crestfallen that one of the only Buddhist centers here was so costly. I ended up going to a different temple and I enjoy it so much! The fact that they don’t charge me to be a “member” is something that I appreciate.

  4. “Genpo is trying to advance a technology and make it accessible to as many people as possible” HooBoy! I am still giggling about that one. I recall my conversation with some high muckity-muck over there at Big Mind when I asked why they don’t offer some open content rather than just promote a self-help consumerist platform for spending money on DVDs, books and the like? If the mission was truly accessibility Gempo is seriously lagging behind. And Tamm, I agree that Big Mind is no place for community. The actions of Genpo and the response from his flock attest to that.

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