Six poems on waves.

1) Tides make no
distinction between 
Sages and Crabs.

2) Awash on shore 
both cling tight to rocks,
as waves crash.

3) Sea-spray, crusted salt,
semen and prayers, do little
to strengthen the grip.

4) Fog lifts. Horizon 
is filled with crabs scurrying 
on abandoned shore.

5) Basaltic scrimshaw.
The dying scratches of one
drowning in pain.

6) A crow’s cry
startles. Hands release,
just in time.



2 thoughts on “Six poems on waves.

  1. John, I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed these series of poems you’ve been putting up for some time now. They’re fresh and true and deep, and the deserve a broad audience. Perhaps some enlightened publisher will take them on as a collection. Thanks for your persistence and effort in making these available.Barry

  2. Thank you, Barry. You don't know how much that comment means to me. I rarely get that gut feeling of positive emotion but you gave me a nice dose of it this evening. As per publishing, I am considering a free ebook collection along with another collaborator/conspirator. 

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