The Winter Sutra – Part II

All: This Dharma, incomparably profound and subtle.

Chanter: Cold-hearted Winter, born of Stone and Hard Wind.
All: Your eyes cast no warmth. Your body emits only shadow.

Chanter: Sweet-Grass turns brittle. Bird-Song drops from the air.
All: You hate all merriment and song. You despise all warm drink.

Chanter: You mark time by Great-Oak’s snapping frost-laden branches.
All: While Ancient Mountain is embraced by Ice’s loveless stare. 

Chanter: This Sutra of Winter punctuated by the soft moans of Cold.  
All: Your only revelry – the song of sharp, cracking laughter.

Chanter: Kin-less and sad, alone on Northern shore.
All: Stay awhile in the Plains where Old Wind reigns.

Chanter: At night stroll forgotten roads with me.
All: Gleefully freezing dead all those we meet.

Chanter: Faith in the Seasons brings Clarity. 
All: We now return the merit of our chanting to those cold of heart, mind and action.