May all sentient beings be…

1) May all sentient beings have happiness 
but not forget the strangling grip of fear. 
Like a diamond sword wielded by 
drunken toddlers teetering 
between faith and folly,
laughing at their
loose hold.

2) May all sentient beings be free of suffering 
but not relinquish the memory of pain,
while inflicting it upon others with 
smiles and subtle garlic breath
punctuated by grunts, 
curses and sweat.

3) May all sentient beings never be separated from bliss 
but recall the bliss is not separate from despair,
rather than roll in it like a 
childhood blanket 
desperate for lost
smells of 

4) May all sentient beings be in equanimity,
free of the desire to press their beliefs 
into my hand like a half-eaten
bagel left on the subway
to rot and then smile,
and say