Inspirational Stuff I Find on Pinterest that is Incorrect


People change. Memories don’t.

Actually memories do change. What we remember from day to day; what we recall from last week; what we remember from our childhood will differ a year from now or 10 years or a lifetime down the road. Memories are crafted and re-crafted as we retrieve them, use them and repurpose them as needed. They are stories – embellished and molded to suit our purpose – sometimes to entertain, other times to inform, sometime to help or hinder. 

Rather than stored in one constant region, memory storage consists of a wide range of systems. Memories are not static entities; over time they shift and migrate between different areas of the brain. Memories evolve over time. They do change. They are changing now. Right now! Nothing you remember is how it actually happened. It is your best representation of the events, perceptions, feelings, and connections glued together into a semi-cohesive unit that can be expressed when you decide “Hey! Remember that time you broke up with me…”

But that is not pithy enough for a pretty picture…

“But wait!” you say, “perhaps the take-away meaning was actually about trauma!” (courtesy of the awesome +bob zane but not in so many words…I am expanding for dramatic effect.)

Trauma is pervasive emotional response to an event or a series of events event after the stimulus is has been long removed. Memory may, but not necessarily, play a role in that process. Many traumatized individuals have no memory of the traumatizing event. Now if this was stated “People change but trauma can exist for an indeterminable time and have lasting effects upon future relationships and general life quality” I would have shared it without comment!

However it didn’t.

And is wrong.

And silly.

Do better next time Pinterest…or Tumblr…where ever you came from.