Some thoughts on precepts and coffee.

Taking the precepts is a focus on an ideal. A decision to move in a direction – one step at a time. No need to see it as an all or nothing absolute. It is not a decision made due to concern about what happens after death, cosmic rewards, or eventual attainment. Rather than an object of fetish, they are a simple statement of intent. 

You make
a cup of coffee, you sip it,
cradle it for a time.
You finish, wash the cup
and put it away.

That is the intent, the goal and the result all in one package. I suppose we all start with approaching them as prohibitions – then as guidelines – soon we see them as affirmations. It depends upon the person’s needs. Are four prohibitions better than 5 affirmations? Is it enough to not kill or do we also affirm life? Not steal but do we provide charity? Honor our selves as well as others? Do we manifest truth? 

Precepts are sipped.

So much more subtle than prohibitions, these intentions internalize into actions. No mind. No Buddha. No precepts. Just a cup of coffee, steam slowly rising as we bring the rim to our lips.

Take a sip.

Fuck me, that’s hot…