Run, Roshi, Run! [in four stanzas]

1) Alas, Old Zen family man,
Who doesn’t sit, pray or chant
Which isn’t to say he can’t
but he would rather be content
and enjoy the current moment,
than formulate another spiritual plan.

2) Hey! Old Zen Crow
why do you sit in your own wake
just for your own sake?
When the end is so blurry,
so don’t be in such a hurry
to pretend you’re the one in the know.

3) And now! Old Buddhist Hen!
She used the three Dharma seals
to land three profitable book deals.
Now, every time she clucks
practitioners tossed in a couple’a bucks
and ignore the lingering stink of Zen.

4) But the Old Sly Fox
he still swindled and spoke a great deal.
He took a quick dash,
slathered in warm spiritual cash.
and is currently awaiting an appeal.